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          I always have a sense of relief when the calendar indicates that winter is behind us and we are entering the season of spring.  I know that there is still a chance for snow and ice in the early weeks of spring, but with each passing week, the chance diminishes.


          I am also struck by the calendar’s date, that it has now been two years that we have been in a pandemic.  Back in the spring of 2020, It never entered my mind that we would still be embraced for two years by this virus. We have experienced unprecedented change and loss in our lives.  When will the pandemic be over?


          We are weary and tired. We long for a return to the life as we knew it.  We pray for recovery and restoration. How long, O Lord?


          It is also the time of the year to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of our Lord. The resurrection of Christ is the basis for our hope.  Because Christ has been raised, we who are in Christ know, through baptism, that we too will be raised to a new life beyond death.


          It is important for us to understand that our faith in the resurrection is not the same as our hope in life restored after the pandemic.  Resurrection is not about returning to a place, and restoring what used to be. Resurrection is faith that God calls us through Christ towards a future beyond any sense of what we know in this life. Our finite world and limited human minds cannot comprehend the future God has in store for us.

Together in Christ,
Pastor Peter Kuritz

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