Thoughts from your Council President


There is an old saying that goes something like this, “you never appreciate something until it’s gone”.  How very true.

Sitting in the sanctuary on Sunday and looking around I started thinking about what was missing.  People.  I miss the people.  The sanctuary just seems empty nowadays.  The chance to chat and catch up on what’s new.  So many of you I have not seen in ages.  


Then there is the singing. I really miss the singing.  Even the ones that I have no clue about how it goes.  Lifting our voices in song and praise is such a part of the service. 

Wishing everyone peace from a distance is not enough.  I miss being able to touch a hand for a handshake or give someone a sincere hug.  People are social animals after all.

And then there is Pastor North.  Who could have anticipated that she would get sick and be away for so long.  We all are holding her in our prayers and wishing for a speedy recovery.  I know she misses us.

With God’s grace,  all these things will return soon.  In the meantime, appreciate what you have.  We never seem to do this until it’s gone.

Your Council President,  

Michael Gillis