Daily Examen

Self-examination helps us to reflect on feeling of God’s presence an d feelings of God’s absence. 

The main point of the following prayer is not to remind us how sinful we are, but rather how loving God is.

We confess our sinful ways and ask for God’s forgiveness for those times we failed to reflect God’s love,

knowing that we are forgiven now as in our Baptism.



  • Make yourself comfortable and set aside some quiet time for this prayer. You may want to light a candle to signify the light of Christ illuminating your day.

  • Rest in silence for a few moments.

  • Ask God’s Spirit to lead you as you reflect through your day.

  • Review your day.

  • If you could relive any one moment that brought you joy, which would it be? What happened in that moment that made it so life-giving?  Sit with that moment and allow it to give you life again. Offer your gratitude for that moment.

  • If you could go back and change any one moment in your day, which would it be? What made that moment so difficult? Sit with that moment in the light of God’s love and allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you have.  Offer that moment to God for healing.

  • Make a note of these two moments in your day.

  • End by giving thanks to God for all the ways God has been with you-through the joy and pain.


Here are other pairs of questions you can alternate with those above as desired:


  • When did you feel closest to God today?

  • When did you feel the most distant from God today?


  • When did you feel yourself opening to God’s Spirit (love or peace)?

  • When did you feel yourself blocked from God’s Spirit (love or peace)?


  • When did you feel yourself moving toward God?

  • When did you feel yourself moving away from God?


Try committing to doing this simple examen nightly for a week or two, and write down your answers to the two questions in a journal.   As you do this, you will begin to see patterns in the way you experience God. This will help you become more aware of God’s presence, what interferes with your relationship with God, and what brings you closer to God.


Adapted from Blythe, T. (2006). 50 ways to pray; Practices from many traditions and times. Nashville




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