Each of us has a body, uniquely created and wonderfully made. We are made to move in God’s direction, at God’s command, by God’s initiative, and at God’s pace. Our bodies will speak to us if we listen. Our bodies will teach us if we pay attention. God made us this way. All living things are made to move. That is a defining characteristic of life itself. And if, as scripture promises, we are created in the image of God (see Genesis 1:26), then we know that God is on the move in us and among us, always. 

Lord, use the workings of my body to show me the mysteries of my soul. Thank you for moving in me. Make me a willing participant in your ongoing work of creation, that I might claim the abundant life you offer. Amen.

Lord’s Prayer in Motion

Our Father                                      (hands out in front, palms up, waist high)

Who art in heaven                        (hands raised up towards sky)

Hallowed be thy name                 (hands pressed together in traditional prayer position)

Thy kingdom come                       (Right hand out to the side, then scoop inward)

Thy will be done                            (Left hand out to the side, then scoop inward)

On earth                                         (Palms down, waist high, moving as if smoothing the dirt)

As it is in heaven                           (Palms up, waist high, because heaven is here and above)

Give us this day                             (Hands out in front, cupped to receive)

our daily bread

And forgive us our                        (Right hand out straight to side, shoulder level)


As we forgive those                      (Left hand out straight to side, shoulder level)    

who trespass against us

Lead us not into                            (Hands above head with wrists crossed as if bound)


But deliver us from evil                (Break hands apart as if being freed)

For thine is the kingdom              (Hands upturned at waist)

And the power                               (Hands shoulder level, palms facing out with fingers spread)

And the glory forever                   (Hands raised and shaking)

Amen                                              (Hands together in traditional prayer position, head bowed.)



Vennard, Jane E. (2005). A Praying Congregation. Alban Institute, Herndon, VA.





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