Summer is here, and many of us spend more time with our children and grandchildren.   This is a great time to help them develop strong prayer practices.  Here are some creative ideas we can all use to keep our prayer lives strong and vibrant.


  • AFFIRMATION JARS: Decorate a jar and label it “Affirmations.”  Write prayers of encouragement and appreciation to put in the jar.  Once a month, read through them as a family.


  • BAND-AID PRAYER: Put a band-aid on your hand or arm for a day as a reminder to pray for those who are hurting, physically or emotionally.


  • CHOCOLATE CHIP PRAYER: Make chocolate chip cookies. After lunch or dinner, give each person a cookie.  For each chocolate chip discovered, a prayer of thanks is offered.


  • TEXT-A-PRAYER: Write and text a special prayer each week for a specific friend or family member, expressing a concern or a joy.


  • HAND PRAYER: Use your hand as a reminder of those we need to pray for -- Thumb:  those closest to you - family and friends.

Pointer: those who lead and guide you, like teachers, pastors, coaches.

Middle: the tall finger reminds us of those in authority, like presidents, governors, mayors.

Ring: this weak finger is for those in our life who are ill, disabled, lonely, or unhappy.

Pinky: the smallest and last finger is a reminder to pray for ourselves!


  • MAP PRAYER: Post a large map of the world, the country or your state.  With your eyes closed, spin around then point to a place on the map. Lift up that particular place and it’s people in prayer. Mark the spot with a dot to remember all the places you have prayed for.


  • PET PRAYER: Pray about your pet OR with your pet. Many find it comforting to gently stroke their pet while offering a prayer about anything else.


  • PRAYER WALK: Walk around a specific location while praying for the needs of those associated with the site such as the hospital, school, city hall, etc.

Enjoy your summer, giving thanks to God!




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