The Heartbeat of Life

                                                                                         “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he                                                                                                       created them.” (Gen.1:27)


The heart we grow up with began with God; it belongs to both of us. All that we do

to, for, and with our bodies affects our hearts, which is both God’s and ours. That which is done to us affects the heart too. God knew this before we were born. God knew that we would need an organ to circulate our life blood and that it would have to work hard… sometimes persevere against resistance, and above all, need a regular rhythm. There in our chest is the first sign of our life and an indicator of our health. It is hard to conceive of love so great and so constant, but God gave us a perfect reminder in our own beating heart.

Prayer Activity

Sit or lie still and put your hand over your heart. Breathe slowly and deeply. “Listen” through your hand to the sound of God’s presence, beating in your depths. Give thanks for this constant presence and evidence of God’s constancy in your life.


Remain still and count the rhythmic beats of your heart for one minute. This, your

resting heart rate, is the pace designed by God to serve your circulatory needs at rest.


As your body allows, perform an activity that increases your heart rate. Climb the

stairs, go for a walk, or try a few simple calisthenics. After activity, sit and count the beats again.


Imagine the life-giving work your heart is doing… both at rest and at work. Give thanks to God for the heart beating in you, which is both rhythmic and responsive.


How do you think God felt at the sound of your first heartbeat?

What does the beating of your heart say about the image of God created in you?

What does the speeding and slowing of your heart show you about your Creator?


Prayer:  Creator God, how you formed the heart in me and started it beating is a mystery I may never fully understand, but its pulse is dutiful and constant. Remind me that it is a strong and sure sign of your presence with me through everything I do and in everything I need. Amen.


Join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm as we learn about prayer and share new ways to pray. 


(from “Made to Move” by Wendy LeBolt)




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