From the Pastor's Desk


Dear Faith,


Life is about beginnings and endings.  Like a book—you can’t start the next chapter until you turn the page of the previous one.  In January of this year I began a 12-month contract to serve as your interim pastor.  This month that contract is ending.  I have shared with the Council that I do not wish to extend the contract for personal reasons.


I have greatly enjoyed the time I have spent with you as an interim.  I am impressed by the ministry that you carry out, the enthusiasm of your worship, and the great people I have had the privilege to meet and to serve with for our Lord.  The members of Council have led the congregation through this time with great faith and commitment.  Faith has become a daily part of my prayers and will continue as long as I am able.


I want to thank you for graciously receiving me as your interim pastor and supporting me in that role.  Christmas Eve (morning being the 4th Sunday in Advent and 7 and 10 p.m. worship services being the celebration of the Christmas Nativity) will be my last time with you leading worship as your interim.  And, I will conclude my service to the congregation as of New Year’s Eve.


I pray that you and your new pastor will have a long and fruitful relationship in service to our Lord.  And, since I don’t live too far down the road, I may just join you for worship on occasion.  And who knows, maybe sometime you need a supply pastor; it just might be me.


May your celebration of the birth of Christ be filled with the Holy Spirit, joy, and love.  And may your New Year indeed be a happy and healthy one.


In Christ’s service,


Pastor Moore